Frequently Asked Questions E-mail

General FAQ:

  1. What is your office number? 936-788-2284 OR 832-458-0555
  2. What is your e-mail address? This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  3. Are there any contracts to sign obligating me to any kind of services?  NO
  4. What are the different kinds of services you provide? Commercial and Residential.
  5. Do the products you use have an odor? Most insecticides have an odor but they are usually mild.
  6. Are the products you use safe? As with any chemical there are risks, however they are slight.
  7. Is it necessary to have the inside of my home treated every time? No, it is at customer request.
  8. Do you have any references? Provided upon request.
  9. Why is there a difference in price between the initial pest control and the quarterly general pest control? The initial is usually more due to the extra work and pesticides needed.
  10. Why is spider control more expensive than general pest control? Spider control is a much more extensive treatment.
  11. Why are 3 week follow ups recommended for both German roaches and fleas? These insects can and do develop resistance to insecticides, especially if you have tried "do it yourself" products. Therefore it may take a few treatments to eliminate the problem.
  12. Do you perform other services besides pest control? Yes, just ask.
  13. What is your mailing address? 9957 Western Ridge Way Conroe, TX 77385


Mosquito FAQ:

  1. What is a mosquito misting system? How does it work? This is an automatic spraying system attached to your home or in your yard. The system sprays everyday or night to control flying insects that come on your property daily.


Spider FAQ:

  1. What is a spider control system? How does it work? This is an automatic spraying system attached to your home to keep spiders, their webs, feces, and dead carcasses off of your home.


Termite FAQ:

  1. Is termite protection necessary? YES! Your home is your largest investment, PROTECT IT!
  2. Do you pre-treat homes for termites? What are the procedures? Yes, before plastic is recommended.
  3. Do you post-treat homes for termites? What are the procedures? Yes, after landscaping is completed.
  4. What is a WDI Report? Wood Destroying Insect Report
  5. Can you perform an inspection and provide a WDI Report? Yes
  6. Is it necessary to have a YTI (Yearly Termite Inspection)? This is a yearly investment that will protect you from costly termite treatments in the future. This is offered after every termite treatment.