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Over 30 Years Mike Nelson Exterminating has been Keeping Ants Away For Thousands of Homes in Montgomery and Harris Counties.

Facts about Ants

The most common type of house household pests is ants. They are loathed by many. I am sure if you see an ant, you might take your distance. Ants can be inhabitants in your bathroom or the pantry, or even the back door; however, it is important to get rid of them. The professional team to help you with the ant control and ant treatment is Mike Nelson Exterminating.

How to get rid of the household pests – Ants?

Ant control and ant treatment are important. Getting rid of these ants is easy if you call Mike Nelson Exterminating pest control expert.

Ants can be spotted very easily because, most of the time, they are moving in groups and bunches. You can spot the ant problem when you see anthills or the line of ants or dead ants.

Stop the ants from getting into your house:

The perfect way to stop the ants. The ants find a home in your house because they want water or food or find shelter in your home in a good climate. To start;

  • If there are any openings, you can seal all of these. Seal all the window openings that cannot let the ants enter your house.
  • Develop barriers for the ants to enter. Try applying salt or talc around the doorways so that it can be toxic for the ants. 
  • It is good if all the food material is moved up to the cabinets to be difficult for the ants to find the food. If there are any spills of the food on the ground, make sure you clean them up immediately.

Kill the ants which are inside your home

Never let these ants go to their homes alive to have Ant control and ant treatment. If you kill one, that will not make any difference because they will send many others as an alternative to find the food for themselves. If you see ants anywhere, just kill them with the help of a wet sponge, or you can also use a paper towel.  

Mike Nelson Exterminating – Professional team to help you get rid of ants

Mike Nelson Exterminating can provide you with the best services to get rid of these household pests. If you have spotted the line of ants or the anthills in your homes, it is time to pick your phone and call Mike Nelson Exterminating to get rid of ants in your home.

Mike Nelson Exterminating will tell you what kind of species of ants are residing in your house and what kind of treatment.

Mike Nelson Exterminating sends in a very professional team to provide ant control and ant treatment. We are professional team consists of experts. Therefore, contact Mike Nelson Exterminating right away!