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Pests are present everywhere Nowadays because of the external changes in the environment. They are very harmful to humans and to your pets. Mike Nelson Exterminating will inspect, exterminate and prevent pest. We Provide a Wide Variety of Solutions for Residential and Commercial Pest Problems. Let us know how can we help you.

Mike Nelson Exterminating Pest Control Services

Termite control services to make your home & furniture safe

Termites can destroy every wooden thing at your place by eating it up and converting it into dust. So, before your important documents lying in the safe get digested by these pests, our termite control services will get rid of them. Call Mike Nelson Exterminating 936-788-2284

Get the mosquito control services to protect your family

Whether you have mosquitoes at your home or office, getting mosquito control services is very important. It is because these flying insects can spread several diseases that you want to stay safe from. So, get our mosquito control services to protect everyone near you. Call Mike Nelson Exterminating expert of pest control

Rodent control services to exterminate these from your home

Rodents and mice can be very devastating for you, considering the amount of damage they can do. Additionally, they are the cause of many diseases as they can ruin your food as well. So, getting our rodent control services will be the best option to get rid of these. Our rodent control services will make sure to eliminate these without causing any damage to your property.

Ant control will prevent ants from coming to your home again

Whenever ants visit your place, they visit colonies, and having a colony of ants populating at your place is not the right option. It is because this can be damaging for your place in several ways. So, getting our ant control services will save you from these insects. Not only will our ant control services remove them, but also make sure that they do not come back. Call Mike Nelson Exterminating 936-788-2284

Spider control for making your home spider and web free

Although most common spiders are not harmful, they are very disgusting, and so are their webs. So, as soon as you see one, getting spider control services will be a must. The spider control services we provide make sure that nothing is left behind. Call Mike Neslon Exterminating 936-788-2284

Bee control is very important because these can be dangerous

Bees are also the insects that come in the forms of colonies, and getting bee control services is necessary because these colonies can cause fatal attacks. The bee control services you get from us will ensure that the bees and their house are completely removed for full protection.

Fly control to get rid of all types of flies from your home

Flies can get very frustrating not only because they are carrying many germs but also their sitting on you, and your objects are frustrating in themselves. We provide fly control services to get rid of any types of flies from your place. We also make sure to use the tools and techniques in our fly control services that are harmless for humans.

Bed Bugs control means you will never have an uncomfortable sleeping

Having bed bugs at your place means you need bed bug control services because peacefully sleeping will never be easy. The Bed bugs control services that we provide will ensure that these bugs are removed and do not come back easily. The use of special chemicals(harmless for humans) makes it possible. Call Mike Nelson Exterminating 936-788-2284

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • We have been serving Montgomery and Harris Counties since 1991.
  • No Contracts. You don’t have to worry about signing a long-term contract with us.
  • Residential & Commercial . We offer pest control services for your home and your business with exceptional service for any pest problem.
  • Professional Technicians
  • Locally Owned and Operated. We treat our customers like family.
  • Thousands of Homes Served
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