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Why is Getting Termite Inspection Services Very Important?

Unlike the insects, bugs, and rodents that can be visibly seen when they are there, the termite is only visible when there are no benefits of treating it. It is because it has already destroyed a lot of things. So, the best way to stay on the safe side is to get termite inspection services.

Termite inspection services very important.

The way termites attack is that they keep internally destroying the wooden stuff at your place. There is some dust appearing on the surfaces or the nearby floor. This is the indication that the termites have caused the most damage. However, when you get the termite inspection services, you know about its presence before it is affecting and damaging your place.

Apart from the termite inspection services, if you also get termite treatment services, then you can save your place from the attack of termite in the future.

How do we work across different phases of the Termite inspection and treatment services?

The termite control and treatment services are the most unique services as compared to the other services. So, here we will discuss different phases and the benefits of each phase, and what you can expect from that phase.

1. Pre-inspection phase

This phase includes professionals discussing with you the things that you can expect to happen to your building during the termite treatment process.

2. During-inspection phase

This is the phase when the professional takes a good look at every aspect of your building looking for the termites.

3. Post-inspection phase

This phase includes a report of the inspection job. Here you also get to discuss the control and treatment services if required.

4. Pre-treatment phase

The pre-treatment phase includes making the building prepared for the termite treatment work. Sometimes it may include completely evacuating the place.

5. During-treatment phase

The During-treatment phase includes professionals implementing the techniques and chemicals with the help of the latest tools for the removal of termite from your place.

6. Post-treatment phase

It takes a few days after the treatment to regularly use that place. This step is all about the professionals making you wait for a few more days. However, you can also expect some before and after reports after the process during this phase.

What makes Mike Nelson Exterminating services the best for you.

While you can get a lot of termite control and termite treatment services, what makes us the best choice for you. Well, here we will discuss this in detail.

Unique inspection method.

One of the most important things about the services we provide is that we have a unique working methodology. A termite inspection is not all about knowledge. So, we make sure to know about the bugs. As well as the knowledge of the location is also considered.

After all this knowledge and the inspection done using it, the reports are presented in a comprehensive form. This also helps in the development of a termite control plan.

Professionals at work.

To make sure that every job is finished with the best results we only get the professionals working for us. With years of experience working in the field, they become very efficient.

Use of the right tools and techniques for the best results.

Tools and techniques play a huge role in termite control and termite treatment services. As a satisfied customer is a priority at our end, we make sure to keep everything up to date with the latest technology.


Getting termite inspection and termite treatment services can not only make the building better for you. It can also increase its overall price. So, if you are looking for the best termite control services, Mike Nelson Exterminating is just a call away.

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