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Harmful Insects and Their Controls

We heard about many insects around us. Some of them are useful and some are harmful. Though all of them play important role in the ecosystem. Here we will learn about some insects with harm us directly and indirectly and how to control them. First of all, we can talk about termites. They are called white ants. The scientific name of termite is Isoptera. They are harmful because they eat the wooden furniture and wooden structure of our house. Which causes a direct loss to our money. Termite control is a process that prevents termites from entering into the structure. And this process also involved the prevention of going to the soil of the termites which are already in the structure. They go to the soil for moisture which they needed to survive. To control termites liquid termiticides are used. Termiticides are one kind of chemicals specially designed to eliminate termites.  

Mosquito is very well known to us. The causes much damage to our health. Mosquitos are responsible for our direct and indirect losses. Mosquitos are responsible for Dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, and many vital diseases. Female mosquitos consume blood which irritated and transmit harmful fatal diseases. Mosquito control means reducing the population of mosquitos to lower their damage to humans. The growth of an excessive number of mosquitos may cause a lot of damage to public health. Many steps can be taken to reduce the growth of mosquitos. Some chemicals are directly used to kill them (aerosol, coil). And some chemicals are used to kill their larva. 

Generally, gnawing mammal includes rats, mice, hamsters, squirrels, and their relatives are called rodents. Rodents live in our houses and harm us in many ways, they destroy our clothes and books. Sometimes they destroy our important files too. Even they damage money. Rodents are very harmful to us because they carry almost 35 types of diseases with them. Rodent control means catch or killing them. They can be caught by trap or other methods. In the rodent control system first, their food, shelter, and water are eliminated. After that, they are caught and through them into the wild. If rodents are not controlled, they can do a lot of damages to our property and important substances.

Ants are different types. Their sizes and nature vary from kind to kind. Among them, the carpenter ant is the most dangerous type. Carpenter ants are harmful because they are wood-destroying ants. They destroyed our wooden furniture and other wooden properties of our house. They are as harmful as termites. The red ant also damages our foods. Normally they damage our foods, which are made of sugar. Ant control means directly killing those ants. Ants are social insects. They live in the colony. So, the best way to get rid of them is to kill them all. By spraying ant spray in the colony we call to kill all the ant at a time. 

Spiders are also well-known insects that live with us in our house or around us. But they are very harmful too. Some spiders are poisonous. Even some spiders can kill us with their poison. The spiders that live in our house are not that much poisonous. Even their bite has no effects. The kind of spiders that live in our house is called, black widow and brown recluse. Those spiders live in our house and make their nets to live in them. But their excessive nets make our room dirty and unclean. They can make their nets so fast. Controlling spiders means killing them and removing them from our house. We can use spider remover spray to remove spiders from our house. 

One of the most dangerous insects that live beside us is fly. They carry many fatal and dangerous diseases like mosquitos. Among them, the fruit fly is the most harmful. It carries various bacteria and sits on our foods, then those bacteria-contaminated our foods and cause cholera, conjunctivitis, dysentery, typhoid fever, etc. Fly control means killing them directly. As flies are very dangerous for our health, they are directly killed by used chemicals. Also, fly control can be done by proper sanitation. 

We all heard about the bed bugs. They can take away your comfortable sleep from you. Bed bugs are small, brownish insects that live in the blood of animals or human beings. The bed bugs are not that much harmful, but some allergic problem is caused by its bite. They bite us when we go to bed and caused irritation during sleep. Bed bugs can be controlled by killing them. Diluted rubbing alcohol is used for the instant killing of bed bugs. Their eggs and larva can be also destroyed by washing the bed with hot water. The best treatment for killing bed bugs is heat treatment. 

Bees are normally useful to us. They are flying insects. We got honey from the bees. But these honey bees are so harmful when someone attracts their hive. Bee bites with their sting and this sting consist of venom which is very painful. Some bees live in our house and sometimes they attack us with their sting. This also causes allergic problems. The way to control bees is to remove them from our homes. To remove bees we have to remove the hive of the bee entirely from our home. But that is risky work because bees protect their hive very seriously. For removing bees hive you can call for services related to that.

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