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Over 30 Years Mike Nelson Exterminating has been Keeping Fleas Away For Thousands of Homes in Montgomery and Harris Counties.

Facts about Fleas

Fleas can cause harm to you and your pets as well. Flea infestations can occur inside your come in just one night and become clingy and reproduce daily. Following are the few main reasons that you need to consider why it is essential to get flea control services and flea treatment, that too professional.

Mike Nelson Exterminating is a professional team to aid you in getting rid of fleas. Fleas live for 100 days only, but they produce eggs rapidly, and one flea can convert into 5 hundred fleas in no time.

Why should you get Flea control services?

They can Harm your pets

Fleas can cause harm to your pets because organisms like birds, reptiles, or mammals are their hosts. These pests feed themselves with the blood of their hosts, causing severe irritation in the skin. Later if these hosts are strolling around the house, these act like pollen grains and distribute their eggs around the house and start their growth over there.

Flea bites on human beings

Fleas do not only make animals their host, but they find their home on human skin as well. They can make you feel uncomfortable. Flea bites are not lethal and do not impose a high health risk on human beings’ health but are the reason for severe itching and irritation.

The severe itching does not intense flea bites’ wounds get recovered, and scratching causes repeated opening of wounds to harmful bacterial infections, causing more harm to the human’s health.

Causes illnesses related to the respiratory system

Pest like Fleas can be very harmful if you have patients at home. Fleas can cause illnesses pertinent to respiratory illnesses to the ones who are already facing chronic diseases. Fleas are not good for patients with asthma or are recovering from some respiratory virus. Fleas might look like tiny creatures, but these small insects can cause big harm to humans’ health; therefore, it is important to have flea control before the situation becomes very deadly.

It is important for your Cleanliness

Pests at home display the uncleanliness of one’s home’s environment because pests come to the area, which is left dirty and uncleansed. Flea control of such pests will ensure the cleanliness of your home, be that indoors or outdoors. You will not have a fear of these tiny creatures for your children and pets. That is why professional teams like Mike Nelson Exterminating will help you control these pests effectively and efficiently in a very cost-effective manner.

Mike Nelson Exterminating Services have everything you need

Mike Nelson Exterminating knows what kind of service they have to provide to ease you in Flea treatments and flea control.

The professional team of Mike Nelson Exterminating knows which kind of species are present inside your house, and we are aware of how to do the flea treatment using safe methods that do not harm you and your family but let you get rid of the fleas.

So, if you are having trouble with fleas, you can contact Mike Nelson services as our team will reach you quickly to produce quality results.