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Over 30 Years Mike Nelson Exterminating has been Keeping Flies Away For Thousands of Homes in Montgomery and Harris Counties.

Facts about Flies

Having flies at your home can be very inconvenient and cause constant irritation. You do not have to compromise on having flown at your home because various fly control and Fly removal methods are available.

Mike Nelson exterminating. The company provides services for the control of flies that usually live in your home. They could be fruit flies or even bees which can be found on flowers and usually come from outside and can be real nonsense. To know more about flies which can live in your homes, let’s learn about the two types of flies usually found in homes and would be nice to get rid of.

Tachinid and Flesh Flies:

Tachinid, commonly known as Parasitic flies, can really resemble house flies. They vary in sizes, colors, and shapes. Mainly they are found in black and grey colors with their bodies marked with stripes, while some can also be found having a red abdomen and smoky black wings. They are observed when they emerge from host insects to pupate, having larval (maggot) stages rarely seen. It is known that some of the flesh flies are also parasitic, looking like or resembling bees, beetles, and caterpillars. Generally, host-specific species are individual species, and as a group, they parasitize caterpillars or beetles. Adult flies are most likely to be found visiting flowers, while immature stages can be found in parasitized host insects. These flies are medically harmless.

Small flies

Small flies, commonly known as small flies but scientifically known as varies, are small and in yellowish-tan to dark brown colored being 1/8-inch-long flies. These flies usually have red-colored eyes. The adult flies lay cylindrical eggs nearing a flexible larva habitat. The development from the egg to an adult fly probably takes about 8-10 days. These flies usually feed on rotting fruits and vegetables, rotting garbage, or even fermenting liquids like wine and vinegar. They are allowed to breed on food sources and multiply when not taken care of. Although these flies are medically harmless, they can still be very annoying and be found disturbing you, more likely at lunch or dinner or when u are trying to have a meal. 

Use the Help of an Expert to Get Rid of Flies

Mike Nelson Exterminating are professionals who provide you service to get rid of flies. We are professionals that can kill the flies and get rid of them. We are experts in treating problems which cause the increase in such insects or flies to live in your home. We will protect your home from any insects along with the treatment of flies.

How to avoid flies?

Flies usually attract into a place where it is very messy and not much care is taken. They like to live in a place where the fruit is rotting, or food is left open. Flies also live in a place where the trash gets very smelly and bad. Make sure you take care of the little things to keep the flies away from your space. Cover the food well.  Don’t leave the fruit to rot outside; instead, keep it in the fridge if you are not consuming it, especially during summers. Make sure you keep your trash covered as well.

If you already overwhelmed of fly problem call the expert. We will make your life easier.