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How Do I Get Rid Of Termites?

Having termites at your home is one of the greatest problems one can face. They can damage the walls and all types of furniture. However, you can get rid of termites by going for termite treatment and regular termite inspection.

There are ways to permanently get rid of termites and save your house from the harmful damage they can cause. We will discuss some of the common methods you can use for getting rid of termites permanently.

Ways to get rid of termites permanently.

We will discuss some of the common methods used for getting rid of termites. You can also hire a pest control service like Mike Nelson exterminating for better results.

Determine what type of termites you have

This is the most important step to know the type of termites you are having at your home. There are various types of termites like dry wood and subterranean. Different methods are adopted to get rid of a specific type of termite. 

This is why you must know the type of termite you have at your place. You can hire Mike Nelson exterminating service to let you know about the Termite type and help you control it. It is also recommended to have termite inspections regularly.

Cardboard method

This is one of the known facts that termites feed on cellulose. You can place a cardboard box where ever you think termites are present. A piece of cardboard also helps in trapping the termites. 

After you place the cardboard at a specific place, termites will start feeding on it. You can take out the cardboard after some time and Burn It. this way, you can get rid of many termites. Repeat this process after every few days for better results. This is one of the termite treatment options you can use to get rid of termites effectively.

Boric acid

Boric acid is one of the finest termite treatment options available. It will help you get rid of termites permanently. Insecticides you come across at various Stores also contain a lot of boric acid because of their capacity to kill insects, including termites. You can spread boric acid at the place where termites at present. After they contact the boric acid, they will die, and you will get rid of the termites permanently. 

Termite control services

Termite control services will help you a lot in getting rid of termites effectively within less time. You can go for Mike Nelson’s exterminating service for significant results. There are many termite inspection teams available who can do a third examination at your home and take measures to get rid of termites.

It is recommended to go for professional help because they are experts in this field and know all the termite treatment options available. The termite inspection team has the latest methods and equipment, which proves to be beneficial in getting rid of the termites effectively.


Some of the effective methods you can use to get rid of termites permanently are mentioned above. They will help you to control the growth and activities of termites.

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