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How do I know if I Have Termites?

It is very common to have termites at your home or in your furniture because they are the favorite places where termites prefer to live. There are some signs which will tell you that you have termites at your home.

After becoming aware of the matter, you can take termite control measures. There is also termite treatment available which will help you get effectively rid of them. But for significant results call Mike Nelson Exterminating

Ways to know that you have a termite

We will discuss some of the signs that you will notice if termites are present. It will help if you are looking for these specific things in your furniture and every corner of the house regularly to eliminate the risk of termites being there without your knowledge.

Hollow wood

If you observe that hollow spaces are appearing in your furniture’s wood, this is a strong sign of termites being there. Termites feed on wood which makes it hollow from the inside.

After a passage of time, the damage also starts appearing on the surface, but till then, most of the damage has been done. If you feel that the wood is becoming hollow from the inside, it is time to go for termite treatment.

Paint that is peeling

When the paint starts to peel off the walls, most of the people associated with the presence of water or moisture inside the wall, however, you must know that water is not always the culprit; termites can be present in your walls’ inner structure.

They can cause tremendous damage to the entire house, including walls and furniture. If you notice that paint is peeling off the wall or changing color, this is a sign to check for termites and go for termite control methods.

Blisters on the wood

If you feel observed that blisters start appearing on the wood of your furniture, this is the sign of termites without any external reason. Termite has specific categories like subterranean termites and dry-wood termites.

Both categories can cause damage to your furniture and walls. The reason behind blisters is mostly subterranean termites. You can eliminate them by termite treatment for taking termite control initiatives.

Termite wings

Another sign that will help you in identifying termites at your house is the Wings they leave behind. You will find them to decide the furniture or the place where the termites are present.

This is why it is very important to look around carefully for the presence of termites and also other microorganisms. You can also hire an inspection team to look into this matter and save you from inconvenience in the future.


Some of the signs and symptoms of termites being there at your home are mentioned above. After observing these signs that your house, you can call Mike Nelson Exterminating and ask for Free Termite Inspection. They will help you in getting rid of the termites effectively. So make sure that you remove termites as soon as possible.

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