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How To Get rid of flies

Having flies at your home can be very inconvenient and cause constant irritation. You do not have to compromise Mike Nelson Exterminating is an expert to get rid of Flies. If you want to do it your own we will discuss some of the tips and tricks you should know for fly removal.

  • Plant herbs and flowers

In order to get rid of flies at home, you can plant those flowers and herbs that keep the flies from coming home. The plants which repel or keep flies away from your home include basil, marigold, bay leaves, catnip, lavender, and many more. You can plant these in your home or your garden, preventing the entrance of such flies.

  • Vinegar and dish soap

Flies usually get attracted to vinegar smell, and this can be used to trap the flies. All you have to do is mix apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap in a tall glass and cover it with plastic wrap. Poke holes in the plastic wrap and secure the glass with a rubber band holding the plastic well, and then see the magic happen.

  • Cayenne pepper

Flies repel from the smell of cayenne pepper. Use it to repel the flies by mixing cayenne pepper and water and spray it in your house or office area to keep the flies away from you.

  • Light traps

These are usually boxes with a light at the back of them, which actually attracts flies. Once the flies get attracted to the box, they would either be killed or trapped by the electric zap trapped depending on the type of light trap you use. Try to install these light traps away from entrances and windows so they could not be seen from outside and install them within 5 feet of the floor.

  • Sticky traps

These are strips made from paper that are very sticky. You can hang them or lay them around the house at your convenience. These can help you at least remove infestations as they are not really effective as the other traps but can be a little help.

ยท  Professional services

Various home fly control methods can be effective for fly removal. However, it would help if you went for a fly exterminator because professionals know how to perform their job. Suppose you have many flies at your home that the smaller techniques cannot control. In that case, it is recommended to hire Mike Nelson exterminating service experts to get rid of flies.  

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