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How to Identify and Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a type of insects that commonly live in the beds of humans to get shelter and food. They feed on the blood and depend on blood for reproduction. They live in the beds that why called bed bugs. They live inside the mattress or take shelter under it and attack humans when they are sleeping.

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How to make proper Identification of bed bugs:

They try to hide them from you when you are awake, but you can identify them whenever you see the following features.

· Bedbugs are of red color.

Bed bugs are of rusty red color, having a shining outer shell. When they are moving on your bed, they leave some parts of their shells. The rusty red shell is the first identification of bed bugs.

· They leave eggshells on the bed.

Bed bugs might be male or female. If you are looking for signs to identify bed bugs, you should check your bed and mattress. If they are taking shelter in your bed, you will find small eggs of dusty white color. Their eggs are so small, about the size of a point of 1mm. It is the second identification of bed bugs.

· Their size is approximately equal to an apple seed

The bed bugs are visible to humans’ naked eye as they are of the size of about 5 to 6 millimeters that is approximately equal to the size of an apple seed. Their size is small; therefore, sometimes their presence is neglected by us.

· They cannot fly

Bed bugs either do not have wing s or do have small wings that cannot aid them to fly. So, you will never experience bed bugs to fly.

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How to remove bed bugs?

Bed bugs are not human-friendly; they are parasitic as they feed on the blood. They suck your blood when you are sleeping on your bed at night time. They come outside when it is dark around. When they bite humans, there appear reddish spots on your skin, covering about 3 to 4 millimeters of the skin.

Clean your bedding

If you want to remove bed bugs, you should clean your bedding first. The cleaning of bedding includes cleaning of bed sheets, mattress, and be casing, etc. You should regularly do your bedding cleaning if you want to remove bed bugs from your room.

Use a liquid spray to kill them.

Another thing is to use pesticides that are less toxic to humans and animals but effectively kill insects by controlling their biosynthetic machinery. Use can use liquid sprays that are recommended and licensed by EPA.

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You can use sodium bicarbonate as well.

It is observed that spreading baking soda around the bed and between the mattress and bed case is helpful to remove bed bugs.

Treat them with intense heat.

You can also use heat to remove bed bugs, like if there is the intense heat of the sun outside, spread the mattress, the parts of your bed the whole day, and repeat it for 4 to 5 days. You can also use heat steamers on your bedding to remove bed bugs.

Call a professional Mike Nelson Exterminating

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Bed bugs are the pest that feeds on warm-blooded animal’s blood. They should be identified and removed from your home. Hire Mike Nelson Exterminating services if you want to get rid of Bed bugs from your home completely.

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