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Reasons to Treat Termite Problem Immediately

Termites belong to the insects’ family. They do have a segmented body with 6 pairs of legs. Some types of termites have wings some do not have. Termites look like ants, but they differ in color and body segments as well. According to many observations, termites live in colonies. You can observe, you will never find termites alone; instead, they are found in the colonial form.

Termites are white-colored insects that usually live inside the wood log. They can live on the wood of plants, but plants secrete the repellent chemical that termites do not like or sometimes cause death.

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Top Reasons to treat termite problem as soon as possible:

If you see termites in your house, it is an alarming situation. You should arrange a termite inspection team to avoid severe damage.

1. Your property value goes down.

Our houses have wooden structures, mostly indoors, window panes, wooden floors, cupboards, wardrobes, and cabinets. If the termites have entered your house, they continue reproducing quickly and spread all around your house where the wooden structure is made.

They start living inside the wood without getting in your notice, get shelter and food as well, and reproduce rapidly to produce similar off springs. There appears a great need for termite control. You should

You need to pass your house through termite inspection on time unless they completely damage your house’s infrastructure and to decrease your house value lower down. You can do termite treatment by doing some needful to irritate them like they do not like greasy and oily surface, spread oil over the place they live, they will leave that place. 

2. Home furniture transforms into rubbish.

Mostly home furniture is also made of dry wood and covered with some other stuff like sofas wooden structure is covered under a bulk of mattress and a thick sheet of cloths or leather. It is the safest place for termites to live and get feed as they are properly hidden from your eyes. When you come to know, they have caused certain damage to your furniture.

Therefore, keep doing a termite inspection of your furniture, and if you find anything suspicious, immediately do termite treatment. You can use the sprays that stand best for termite control.

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3. Your lawn is going to be damaged.

Termites also attack weak plants that have woody structures. They even cause damage to trees by living inside them for a long time, make them weak, and even cause them to fall one day. Therefore, take care of your lawn and the plants that are grown in it.

Keep doing the termites inspection and easy to do’s on in your house for termite control to keep your family healthy.

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4. Allergy boosters

It is said that termites attack only the woody part of plants as they need cellulose as nutrients. They cannot digest cellulose directly; they help the protozoans living in their guts to digest the hard cellulose. They do not cause any harm to humans as such, but some types of termites become the booster of allergy to those who are already allergy patients. 

Some of us may be somehow sensitive to termites’ saliva, so when termites bite them, they can experience an allergy to it.

5. It can be a vector of infections.

Termites are not much danger to humans. They can be the best vector of infection caused by other pathogens such as fungi. When termites damage the wood, they provide a favorable condition for fungal growth. The fungal spores spread all around in the house, in air, water, or on our clothes.

These spores are not visible with the naked eye. People inhale them, even intake them with food. They cause critical problems to asthma patients and sometimes cause a healthy person to suffer from a serious respiratory disorder.

Final Thoughts:

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